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In our very own town we have our own local castle, Burg Nanstein. We can even see it out the windows of our house, up on top of the hill.

View of the castle from our house


Shortly after we moved into our house in December we decided to hike up to the castle and then we hiked the (very extensive) trails around it.


Looking over our town from up by the castle. Like a postcard!



You can’t go inside this time of year, but we’ve been told that there are concerts and fireworks in the summer (new goal: play in the castle). There’s also a pub next to the castle where you can hang out to have lunch and a beer (we’ll have to try it next time). The castle is in somewhat rough shape, but I guess that’s to be expected for something that was built in 1162!

We enjoyed our hike so much that the next day we hiked up the trails right next to our house to Bismarckturm. We’re still not quite sure exactly what its purpose is…


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