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Over MLK Day weekend we went on a couple little day trips (we’re not ready for another big trip yet!). First up…


We hopped on the train for a quick trip to another nearby German city. Our main reason for picking this city was that it has a Michelin starred restaurant that we wanted to try out (the closest one to where we live), JJ’s Das Restaurant. It didn’t disappoint! They must do most of their business during dinner because they had a surprisingly affordable prix fixe lunch.

some champagne to start


delicious rosemary bread and butter with sea salt


beef tartare with mustard and dark bread


beef wellington
fudgy white chocolate cake with cooked apples and sour apple sorbet


Aside from lunch, we walked the main shopping area and picked up a few things we’d been on the hunt for. And we also stopped by a coffee shop recommended to us to pick up some locally roasted beans. But nothing terribly exciting… it was just a chance to get out of the house and explore our area a little.


On Sunday we drove to Stuttgart to visit the two car museums there – Mercedes and Porsche.

The Mercedes museum was really big and pretty cool. They started you out at the beginning of the history of the two original companies (which later merged), Benz and Daimler. You then walk through the entire timeline of the company, including lots of historical context.

Of course, not all of that history was very flattering (like during WWII), but I really enjoyed how they helped you understand the progression of the company and their new creations based on what was happening in both Germany and the world. I’m always fascinated by how interwoven history is.


The outside of the Mercedes museum


Some reeeally old Daimler and Benz cars


Randolph’s favorite
My favorite
The Jurassic World Mercedes


Next, we headed over to the Porsche museum. It was much smaller but also pretty cool.

They don’t give you the detailed history like Mercedes, but there is a section where they have a bunch of different silver Porsches grouped together and I liked being able to visually compare them like that.

This museum also gets my vote for better gift shop – not that that’s hugely important. We looked at some of the smaller model cars at Mercedes, but they didn’t have much in the way of something that wasn’t horribly expensive but also wasn’t a cheap little kids toy. Porsche, however, had quite a few options for very affordable model cars in clear plastic cases. We wound up buying a model of a vintage concept car that we’d seen at the museum because it’s very unique looking – not just your typical model car.


Cool Porsche sculpture

Pretending he can out-run a Porsche


This car is painted to look like a pig, complete with cuts of meat marked
They specially altered this car to mimic the one in the movie Cars



We’re working on planning a weekend trip somewhere!

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