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The island of Burano has the somewhat unfortunate circumstance of being perpetually relegated to “side trip” status for visitors to the grand Italian city of Venice. To be sure, there are more than enough sights to occupy a person’s time in the city of Venice itself, so the 2-hour roundtrip boat ride is only for the most dedicated [and determined] tourists. On the other hand, its popularity does seem to be growing, thanks to its Instagram-ability, so it still sees a decent number of visitors [for better or worse].


I’ve now visited Venice three times, with the first being an entire decade ago [!!!]. That first time there was during my very first trip to Europe, so I was hardly a knowledgable or seasoned traveler [i.e. I did not know of Burano’s existence]. Trip #2 was about a year and a half ago and, although Burano was definitely on my radar by that point, we simply didn’t have enough time to get there. But! Third time’s the charm, right? I feel like I finally have closure with Venice, now that I’ve been to Burano [and some other even more under-the-radar places].


I think that you’ll soon agree that Burano is far better illustrated with photos than with words, so I’m going to stop typing and let the images do the talking for me…






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