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I’m Michelle: classical musician, world traveler & decor enthusiast. My husband R and I travel the globe, discovering the wonders of the world through our own perspective.

My preferred way to get to know a place is through architecture, design & food. I find that architecture in particular is incredibly illustrative of the heart of a culture because every city & every region has a distinct style that was developed over the course of its unique history. A single building can speak the story of many centuries. Likewise, traditional food & drink have developed based on the needs & resources of a people, while simultaneously being shaped by the ups-and-downs in their history. My posts focus on these highlights, to encourage others who want to experience the full beauty of cities & cultures around the globe.

My interest in interior design was sparked when I worked in that field for several years, and it has never left me. Once we started traveling, I quickly discovered that I love to incorporate our adventures into our interior design style. These are more than just souvenirs… they bring our home to life!

To keep up with my favorite travel photos & see how I use the beauty of the world as inspiration, follow me on Instagram @the.wanderlust.home


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P.S. Do you have travel questions? Or maybe you have a favorite travel destination/hidden gem to suggest? Please write to me via the Contact page!


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