London for the 4th of July

Randolph and I weren't planning on taking any personal trips until the end of July. With all the endless work trips he's been going on he's been super burnt-out on traveling. This was supposed to be a relaxing 4-day weekend at home. But then the Brexit vote happened and the Pound took a nosedive. We … Continue reading London for the 4th of July


We knew for a little while that Randolph would have some extra days off in late May (to compensate for weekend days he's had to work), but we were holding off on making travel plans until we felt confident that there wouldn't be any more changes in his schedule (it's been a bit crazy lately). I … Continue reading Barcelona

Heckel, Bodensee & the Black Forest

HECKEL Last summer when I was visiting Tanglewood to play some Mahler my teachers told me that they would be on tour in Germany with the Boston Symphony in May. Randolph and I have been looking forward to that all year, so that we could both visit with our teachers! We weren't able to go … Continue reading Heckel, Bodensee & the Black Forest

Haarlem & the Tulips

Now for Part 2 of our whirlwind week of travel! We had the hot, mediterranean weather and ancient sites in then we did a complete 180 and went to the Netherlands for cool, rainy weather and Dutch quaintness. We arrived back home from Athens on Thursday afternoon and collapsed for the rest of the … Continue reading Haarlem & the Tulips


It was around 2 or 3 months ago when we first found out we'd be able to take a longer trip in mid-April. The band arranges it so that they can freely use vacation during the week of the school spring break, since so many people in the band have kids. Because we had a … Continue reading Athens

Strasbourg & Colmar

Randolph had Monday off this week, so it was a good chance to take a little 3-day trip. We settled on Strasbourg, since the drive is under 2 hours, with a day in Colmar. So, we booked an Airbnb, filled up the car, and off we went! OK, it wasn't quite like that... On Friday … Continue reading Strasbourg & Colmar

Oberwesel & Pi(e) Day

Randolph was recently asked to coach a group of young clarinetists for an Honor Band. It's basically like All-State for American kids in Europe. Randolph heard from some of his coworkers who have coached for it before that the town it's in (Oberwesel) is really beautiful, so we decided to go early and spend the … Continue reading Oberwesel & Pi(e) Day